Species N/A
Business Lies and Deception

"Steve" is a vendor with no true name or form. The name "steve" is given in the blog description as a means of communicating easily. As his business is in selling lies, what he says should not be easily trusted.

Personality and InterestsEdit

"Steve" does not have a consistent personality, possibly because every aspect of his character is fabricated. His general attitude towards others fluctuates. A few things remain constant, such as his refusal to kill or cause physical harm. In general, he is conniving and reclusive, and he repeatedly describes himself as a coward.

Most of his relationships are negative. His conversations with other vendors mostly consist of arguments and attempts at deception. Despite his indignant nature, he does not want people to get hurt. As a result he has been willing to make compromises for the greater good.

"Steve" uses a supercomputer and artificial intelligence named MACHINE to connect to the internet and post on Tumblr. He is also very close friends with MACHINE.


Because "steve" has no true form, he is able to change his appearance at will. He is also able to contact a variety of eldritch gods from different pantheons, perform some kind of magic, and travel between universes. He is immortal.


"Steve" speaks roughly in Sands Vernacular. He does not capitalize any letters enclosed in quotation marks.

Status as a fandsverse characterEdit

"Steve" existed long before our universe as some sort of alien. He sold his name, his memories, and his true form to a demon in exchange for immense power. He uses his ability to travel between universes to escape from them as they end, and in each new universe he chooses a persona that will allow him to blend in. Thus, he is not a vendor, he's just an immortal alien from another dimension pretending to be a vendor because it's convenient.

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