Species Unknown
Business Lies and Deception

"Steve" is a vendor of unknown name and species. The name "steve" is given in the blog description as a means of communicating easily. As his business is in selling lies, what he says should not be easily trusted. Very little is actually known about him.

Personality and InterestsEdit

"Steve" is a compulsive liar.

He has demonstrated an extreme distrust of technology, except for the one computer, which he refers to as "MACHINE" and uses to access Tumblr and the internet.

"Steve" is an avid book collector, and he is extremely protective of his collection. This may be more out of OCD-like tendencies towards the collection rather than an actual protection of the books, as he gave up retrieving his stolen Sacred Thesaurus when given a replacement book of weasels with the exact same width.


Most of his relationships are negative. His conversations with other vendors mostly consist of arguments and attempts at deception. Despite his indignant nature, he does not want people to get hurt. As a result he has been willing to make compromises for the greater good.

"Steve" has a distrust for automated tumblr emails announcing his post count. He believes them to be sent by a malicious stranger.

He claims that he is enemies with Mega Man (yes, the video game character).


"Steve" has briefly hinted at being able to use magic and contact dark gods.


"Steve" speaks primarily in Sands Vernacular, capitalizing the first letter of every word and sometimes misspelling words. He often confuses homonyms with each other. The frequency of his misspellings increases as he becomes agitated. Additional irregularities include referring to true facts as "TRUTHS," occasionally leaving words all-lowercase, and not capitalizing anything enclosed in quotation marks.

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