Acacia is a common city pigeon who takes pleasure in buying items and services of all kinds. For example on a typical market day she bought a waffle, two small bells, a bowl of soup and also had their fortune told. This kind of frivolous spending comes from Acacia's family's long history of fabulous wealth. Born and raised as a city pigeon she speaks in popular grammar which expresses itself in unnecessary pluralization, unnecessary and/or 'improper' punctuation, and capitalization of every word. Their speaking style includes also of repetition and is (usually) coherent. For example, "Hello,. I Am Pigeon I Buy The Thing, Yes Hello I Would Like To Do The Buying Of Your Wares. I Am The Acacia. Yes,"

Species Pigeon
Business Entrepreneur

Appearance Edit

Acacia is a smallish pigeon with beautiful grey, green, and purple feathers. She has intense orange eyes which as she described them are her "Most Staggering Eyes Yes They Are Doing The Stares. Gaze At Wonder With My Sparkle-Wonder-Eyes". Her neck, as well, is described in such fashion with the phrase, "Aaah Much Floof And Bounce My Neck Yas." Her friend and business associate also described her neck as, "teh Eppitome of The Style ver WOw".

Personality Edit

Usually Acacia is quick to make friends and is generally very 'bouncy'. She will sometimes ask questions of people randomly and is disappointed if there is no response. Often it is her impulse to 'blitz the market' and buy everything, this leads to disappointment because she can often not find enough items to buy. However, Acacia is very inquisitive, positive, and outgoing. Much the foil of her sibling Terra who is more restrained and soft spoken.

Family and Friends Edit

Acacia comes from a large city where her any her sister Terra lived in until recently. Their family immigrated there from very far away very many years ago. Most of the records of the family's early history has been lost except for a few stories past down by the generations. They gained their wealth through the cracker manufacturing business, Acacia and Terra are the inheritors of the business which they decided to hand over to the workers so that they could travel the world and see other cultures. Currently Acacia is buying lots of things in order to "Simulaate The Wield Economoose".

Along the way Acacia made several close friends and business partners the two closest of which are a Night-jar and an Axolotl.

Stance on Free-Market Capitalism Edit

Given her history one can infer Acacia's position on capitalism but she has issued several contradictory statements on the matter. One such comment was, "Let The Bee Sell His Beautiful Honeys And The Dog His Tastelesss Rafts. I Am Hypothicalizing Thise I Know No Actuall Bees Nor Do I Know The Dogs."

She also stated in response to a question about her economic platform, "The Frees Could Be Less And The Governemetn Could Do The Mores The Ver Yas. Who Kows Maybe We All Be Happy Somday."