ruler of waste
a nasty one
Species Possum
Business Trash

ash dispenser of discarded things

Ash is a possum that sells garbage. They lurk the back alleys of the marketplace gathering things others have thrown away. They also traffic contraband and stolen goods in their dark stalls. They have been driven from the markets several times, but manifest again whenever corruption rises.

Appearance Edit

Ash has thick fluffy grey fur everywhere except on their grasping pink fingers. Their weight fluctuates with the success of their business, from chubby and fat in times of bounty, to skinny and emaciated when they are forced to retreat to the wastes of their homeland.

Personality Edit

Ash is a hedonist who above all revels in opportunities to drink, smoke, gamble, and feed from their stock of refuse. They are a coward who will slither and sneak their way through the system in order to get their way. They accept reprimand and punishment without anger, and readily acknowledge that they are a low and disgusting creature. They are not above petty revenge, however; they simply like to wait for an ideal opportunity before striking back.

Speech Edit

Ash is a lazy one whose typing style does not conform to Sands Vernacular. They do not normally use Capitals unless they are SHOUTING.

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