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Astaroth Traveling.
Species Ethiopian Wolf
Business Bells
Astaroth is an Ethiopian Wolf that sells bells of all kinds. He has large bells, small bells, magic bells, plain bells, jingle bells, church bells, and many more bells. Despite the fact that he comes from a distant land, he appears to speak fluent Sands Vernacular, albeit in third person. His home language appears to sound like anagrams with random letters thrown in.

For example: "How are you?" becomes "Woah zrea oyu?''

Appearance Edit

Astaroth appears to be a common Ethiopian Wolf, with a slim, fox or dingo-like face, a short bushy tail, and russet colored fur. However, strangely enough, it should be noted that his eyes are usually squinty to a point of being closed (despite portrayal in images). Not many have seen his eyes opened--And he doesn't seem blind, not by a long shot.

Personality Edit

Astaroth is enigmatic. He seems wise well beyond his years, full of some kind of knowledge yet to be exploited. He seems calm and peaceful enough, and no evil motivation appears to lurk behind his actions. However, his eerie inability to be unfazed by things most would deem alarming; and his general lack of emotion can be off-putting and even intimidating. He appears to lack a sense of humor as well. This mysteriously grave Ethiopian Wolf isn't the best guest to have at parties.

Origin Edit

No one knows exactly where Astaroth hails from. He doesn't talk much about his home land, and merely refers to it as his 'Home World', as opposed to the common 'Home Land'. This might suggest that Astaroth is from an entirely different planet, or even dimension. Yet, it remains a mystery, as it is nigh impossible to get details of his home out of him. One can assume, however, that is most likely a very unpleasant place to live--for he has implied that a common force at work there are powerful demonic entities.

More information of his home will be added if it comes up.

Relationships Edit