Species Squid
Business Inks
Bartholomew is a squid (Dosidicus gigas) that sells ink. He has been known to sell inks of many colors, including white ink, and has also been known to sell small parchments and materials for making signs. As a deep ocean vendor, the sands are not his true home. During the Tesseract Saga, Bartholomew revealed that the artifact would be dangerous for ocean life.

Personality Edit

Bartholomew is enigmatic and unpredictable; while he makes an honest living selling inks, and can be very kind and courteous to other vendors, he may have ulterior motives. He has been known to make cryptic messages involving the oceans and their relations with the sands.

Relatives Edit

Sebastian Edit


Sebastian is a vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) that lives in deeper ocean than Bartholomew does. He can only communicate using bioluminecsence, and because of this, Bartholomew twists his words to make botched slogans. As a squid without ink, he has no place in the family business. His relation to Bartholomew is unknown.

Relationships Edit