Species Binturong
Business Mulch
Bethany (also known as Bethanney or Bethanny) is a Binturong (also known as a bearcat) who sells Mulch.

Appearance Edit

Bethany appears as a somewhat scruffy-looking Binturong with long whiskers.

Personality Edit

Bethany is somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to personality. On one hand, she seems somewhat kind and congenial to others, especially Oswald, who she is close friends with, but otherwise, Bethany can be rather harsh and rude to others.

History/Origins Edit

Little is known of Bethany's origin, save for that she and Oswald fought together in the Anime Wars, where she served as a field medic.

Abilities Edit

Bethany, being a Binturong, has exceptionally sharp claws, of which, she has claimed, can slice through a human man in one stroke. She also has healing abilities that are activated through sacred mantras.

Relationships Edit

With Oswald: Bethany and Oswald are close friends, as well as old war buddies.

With Roberta: Roberta and Bethany, based on their few interactions, seem to be on good terms.