Boris is a brown, spotted toad. He is friendly, but won't hesitate to defend what needs defending. He sells stools of all varieties, which is a play on the word toadstool, which another vendor sells.

Boris has no known special abilities, but has said he holds the power of the elder gods. He is also impervious to all forms of corruption as he stated during the events of the Breach, due to prolonged exposure to swamp gases.

Boris resides in the Sandsverse's swamp. Very little is known about the swamp, despite other vendors also mentioning it at times.

Boris has an intense love of ice cream. He has a hatred of spoons, implying in one post that a spoon once stole his ice cream. Seems to keep having it stolen, first by the spoon, and next by Chungo He has laid traps and defenses to stop this. Did end up finally getting to enjoy some ice cream.

He speaks in Standard Sands Vernacular, notably having excessive uses of B's and R's.