Species Asian Golden Cat
Business Herbs
Brenda is an Asian Golden Cat/Temminck's Cat who sells Herbs. Among the herbs she sells are oregano, lavender, basil, and catmint. She began as a book-seller, but saturation in the book market caused her to develop her herb selling business instead.

Appearance Edit

Brenda has deep brown fur mottled with stripes. She is rather large for her species. She has a soft and friendly face and a soft, fluffy tail.

Personality Edit

Brenda is intelligent and knows a lot about herbs and the lore surrounding them. She is very friendly, and will always attempt to forge business partnerships with other vendors before fighting with them. She loves food, and is a carnivore. However, she refuses to eat fellow vendors and will instead only eat meat she has not killed herself.

Brenda is also very hopeful and determined. Even when faced with impossible odds (like the Crunch), she maintains a positive outlook and does her best to survive, in order to make her father proud. She is willing to do whatever it takes in order to maintain her dignity.

During the Crunch Arc, Brenda joined Samuel, Cristobal, and Derek on a voyage to the Cat Homeland in order to implore the Ancient Cats to spare the residents of the Sands from the Crunch. While there, Brenda apparently visited her childhood (kittenhood?) home.

Other Information Edit

Brenda's Birthingday (birthday) is July 23rd. She went to the beach to celebrate her birthday.

History Edit

Brenda is not a native of the Sands. She was born in the jungle of the Cat Homeland, explaining her speech patterns (which differ from standard Sands Vernacular.) Her mother and the rest of her litter were killed by an unknown force when she was very young, and she was raised by her father alone. Brenda’s father was a writer of books, but in his spare time he tended an herb garden, which Brenda took interest in. At some point during Brenda’s youth, she and her father were attacked by bandits. Brenda’s father stayed behind so that she could escape, leaving her orphaned. It was at that point that she gathered the herbs from her garden and a few of her father’s best books and headed out on a long journey to find a new place to live, a new home and perhaps a new family.

She found a home in the Sands, a once-barren desert hellscape now teeming with life after a large rush of Vendors took up shop there. Brenda was quick to set up her bookshop-slash-apothecary, but the bookshop side was quickly put out of business by heavy competition. Undeterred, Brenda focused her efforts on selling herbs instead.

Speech Patterns Edit

Brenda's speech patterns/typing style differs from standard Sands Vernacular. She does not capitalize every letter she types and uses fewer photos than other Vendors. She commonly uses the word "Thankings" in place of "Thank You."