Species Siamese Cat
Business Pots

Siamese cat that makes pots. Not much is known about Cristobal, other than the fact she makes pots and is Samuel's twin sister. After Samuel's sacrifice to save the vendors, Cristobal has since taken over the stall. She speaks in the same manner as Samuel did, although "we" hasn't appeared as a pronoun in her speech pattern, most likely due to Samuel's death.

Cristobal seems to be afraid of or has some ongoing hatred for moths, which she constantly encourages vendors and customers to kill on sight. She has 6 children, one of which she has named Samuel the Second, and gives semi-regular updates on his growth.

She knows things about the ancient cats and their ways of stopping the Crunch, as well as many other things. She has "the Pot of Wisdom" which has not been explained by her as of yet.

Samuel Edit

Cristobal seems to mourn Samuel constantly, going so far as threatening those who don't pay their respects to him. She named one of her children after him post-death, and seems to treasure that kitten the most, despite claiming impartiality.

Recently, Cristobal has claimed that Samuel spoke to her from beyond death, and is on a journey to obtain a "pot related artifact".