Species Bush Viper
Business Dads and Weeds

Douglas a bush viper who sells dads and weeds. He is an amateur lawyer and often sees himself as the sole voice of reason in the sands. He speaks coherent Sands Vernacular and he will often insert ms and ns into his words, and replaces os with Is. He has been a semi-active vendor since July 2015.

Personality Edit

Douglas is a kind snake who follows whoever needs help blindly. His biggest flaw is that he believes that everyone deserves help and that everyone has good intentions. Doug is impatient and can be cruel to people who his friends have quarreled with. In general he believes that everyone has the potential to be A Good Boy, and that The Elites owe the hardworking lower class recognition, but he doesn't hold this against them.

Appearance Edit

Hes a red bush viper.

History Edit

There's a whole post dedicated to his origin story. "Douglas was raised by his mother, and he was born in a jungle region far east of These Sands. After he was born, him and taco crossed paths for the first time, in The Void. Doug and his mom where there for a while before they landed in the woods, to the north of the Sands. There, they lived without worry, he met Fredrico again, they had hatched on the same day in neighboring nests, they found a human village, where they loved Fredrico and feared Douglas and his mom, eventually (after Fredrico slept with every bird in sight) the villagers killed his mother. As an act of revenge, Douglas assumed every human guy was a dad. He enslaved them and they started a shop together. Fredrico had a “garden” and Doug wanted his friend to feel welcome, so weeds and dad’s they sold. 

Douglas got lonely without his mom, and especially because Fredrico is a little bit, repetitive. So he bought a snake egg from elanor. Then, when Donny hatched, Fredrico had an episode. And as a truce, Donny became Fredricos son. Then, Douglas got lonely again and decided to adopt (steal) two sons, Wade, and Horse. Then Fredrico got jealous, and had Anvil. Douglas raised them all, due to Freddieboys antics. Wade and Jeb got engaged, Sara and Anvil are dating, and Horse had a daughter."