Duffy main pic
Species Killer Whale
Business Dairy Products

An orca who sells all sorts of dairy products. They often travel along a designated delivery dairy route, and is a self-proclaimed milk man. They speak in classic Sands Vernacular, however most of their dialogue is coherent. They also use a varying amount of punctuation to express emotion. Duffy refers to their allies and fellow merchants with their name followed by "Peer".

Appearance Edit

They have an average body type for a killer whale, weighing in at about 6 tons. Though they are not used often except for display and work purposes, their 4 inch teeth help grip dairy bottle crates. They also boast standard killer whale markings, but they display a swirly gray saddle-patch. It is unknown what gender they are.

Personality Edit

Duffy regards everybody as their friends, whether it's the first time meeting or long time acquaintances. They are incredibly mellow and willing to propose a business offer between all vendors. Despite being laid-back and usually friendly, Duffy can become skittish around peculiar things or events (often recounting those memories in an almost wary way.) It is unusual for Duffy to become aggressive, but will stand up for any of their friends. They often treat favored peers by generously giving more product to them during a transaction.

History Edit

Duffy once belonged to a pod of at least 10 whales, but left for seas closer to the Sands to sell their goods. Unbeknownst to other vendors, they also left because of their mother's cannibalistic actions towards their infant sibling. Since then, Duffy began selling their dairy products and travelling along delivery routes on a day-to-day basis.