A cryptic message from Elmer. It is titled A Moment Of Introspect goes as follows:

"Look At Them. Smug. Like Organism Going About There Daily Live With Not A Care Above The World. Make Me Sick To Think About All Of ThEse Foolish Selfish Fools Below Me But Yet Elmer Continue On. Press On. Press Onward. Continue The Fight. Inhabit Space Betweem World’s As The Geometric Blockade So That Peace Will Not Be Strip From The Realm…Reaching Point Of Breaking Trying To Do Everything For I MUMST Carry On For Protection. Under My Watchful Eye The Sansd Will Not Grack And Be Gunch"
Many things could be speculated from this message. He implies that The Sands exist in a realm separate from other worlds, and he considers it his duty to prevent these worlds from merging. He also mentions The Geometric Blockade.