Emily Fourhundredbees LesbianEdit

Emily Fourhundredbees Lesbian is a tardisgrade who sells ancient relics. She didn't always actually have a business, and it is possible she only started it because of a group of people who have the Final Element, whatever that is. A note left by someone potentially in that group asks for the Relics, although little is known about this person.

Personality Edit

Emily is very powerful and sometimes brags, and was once focused on love, but recently she has changed. She is happy with Gertrude, but she has become more focused on making sales. She is also very vague about threats, which is really really annoying sometimes because people need info. She has become suspicious of people too, although this has been seen very little.

Relationships Edit

Emily is in a romantic relationship with Gertrude, a bird who sells grass. Gertrude is currently taking a break and may be gone forever. Emily's feelings of this are not stated, although she is likely heartbroken.

Abilities Edit

While Emily's exact powers are unknown, it's possible she has all powers. We have two definite powers: immortality and creation of life.

Other Info Edit

Emily refers to herself as the "creator of all," and says the relics are useless to her. While there is no confirmation of this being true, she does seem to be powerful, based on both the Relics and the group of people who are plotting against her.

Emily has a disciple, sighlanvaneck. However, they are an actual real person, so how Emily got them to work for her is a mystery. It is possible that they know more about what is happening, but bothering them for it is a bad idea.

Please don't do it.

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