Fausto is a spectacled bear residing in the jungle regions of the Sandsverse. He immigrated there from the Andean Mountains two years ago with his uncle Sherman and nephew Adelmo, who live next door and help upkeep Fausto's place of business.

Abilities Edit

Fausto's Sands Vernacular capitalizes every word, and combines verb tenses so that each verb may end with any combination of 'ing', 's', or 'ed'. Long vowel sounds are spelt with only a capital of said vowel. Fausto can remove his spectacle markings and replace with other sets of markings at will, as though they were real glasses frames. Fausto can make marmalade out of anything, though his favorite is oranges. He is normally very optimistic, but gets distressed easily. He is also part of the E.D.S. force.

Relationships Edit

Fausto's immediate friends are Kasdan and Tess, though he has spoken to Derrik on occasions. He is currently dating Chester, a nearby bumblebee who stays over occasionally.