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Frederick was a hornbill before achieving what she called "The Perfect Lime" and ascending into her spirit bear form. Frederick takes solace in her business selling limes and lime based wares.Seymour acknowledged Frederick while pushing for his candidate "Noorpsi" to win the unknown debate. Frederick purposed "Chancellor Sminkus" in reply to Seymour. Frederick has been seen to reply frequently to her public, and post mostly random things unless accompanied by her thought to be business partner "rockdistributor100". Frederick has in the past spoken of her hornbill family, Her husband Thomas (deceased) and her daughter Lindana (also deceased), otherwise he has spoken of her Uncle Pheobos and her cousin Edgar (both alive) Frederick observes an unknown holiday known as "Snicctus" described as a five day event in which a lime headed man named "Brogus" visits her. Frederick undertook one of her followers as her apprentice, though it is unknown what she teaches this person, or if she does at all, she responds to the persons asks in short one word answers. Frederick's thought to be partner "rockdistributor100" was once contacted by Frederick while fighting what seemed to be a robot gorilla. Frederick provided back up for the event and eventually ended up fusing into a gorilla with a bear's head which he named as "Lime on the Rocks". Nothing else has been said about the fusion since. Frederick seems to be one of the more docile merchants, only peddling her limes and speaking to her public in a usually calm manor. Frederick revealed a new holiday she called "The Day Of Hush" on October 3rd. It seems to be a day of silence ended with extreme yelling. Frederick has stated her birthday as October 23rd. The strange part being that her age as of 10/23/16 Frederick says she is 24 eons old. Frederick's birthday seems to involve the annual cull of said to be thousands of gnomes. Afterwards she offers cake to those who want it. Frederick announced a winter holiday known as "SKRUMUS" in wich durains are collected during November to feed any new council members. The second half of SKRUMUS seems to be a month long tree burning event to stave off cold weather. More to be added as the holiday develops. On March 3rd, 2017 Frederick revealed to have another son besides Relik, a bear cub named Harald.


The night of eyes: On a strange night Frederick began rambling about demons that took her eyes away from her, and how she couldn't see anything. The phrases "It's just a game" and "can't see" were included in a myriad of strange posts that disappeared the next day. Any asks sent to Frederick that night were answered with pictures of eyeglow on various animals, possibly signifying her lost eyes. An audio post of a long and rather aerie scream was posted, and later changed to a fanfare from the Nintendo game "Earthbound". Nothing else has been said about this and Frederick refuses to acknowledge the night ever happened.

Vile Heartless

Brood of old

Pale bone skull face

Eyes we stole

Eat your gods

Devour souls

Bear is gone

and We take hold


Frederick posted a map of somewhere known as "Aboveworld". It was a segment of space with certain locations marked with green circles. One being a so called "portal to the sands" suggesting that Frederick exists in a different space entirely, though being able to communicate with both lesser vendors as well as other canon vendors. The post also mentions that it is segment 1/15, more may follow. Other than this Frederick has revealed much about their self, bringing back the fact that they have a son "Relik"who is depicted as a Rock type Pikmin form the popular Nintendo game, Pikmin. (Relik Shown Below)


Frederick also revealed the fact that she is female, as well as possibly transgender. Though nothing has been said about it further, her customers don't seem to mind the fact. Frederick also recently started posting about something that was marked on the map, The council of two. The eldritch looking beings were described as Nor'Thulm and Del'Rosik. She also mentioned that "Only when 1000 gather can they decide where the new will be birthed" This could be referencing plans for a 1000 follower post, if the blog does not already have more than that number. These speculations rang true as Frederick held a ceremony in which Fornkle transformed into the new council member "Forn'klentus". At the end of said ceremony she fed the trillions of durians collected for her two month long winter holiday of "SKRUMUS" to the great cosmic beast. nothing else has been said about the fact.


As stated Frederick seems to have a small partnership with Isaac the gorilla. They convene over posts quite a bit and seem to share a mutual friendship and rivalry. Otherwise Frederick sometimes responds to Elmer, Seymour, and Horace. If not answering the asks of other non vendor blogs and some other vendors. Recently Frederick took an interest in communicating with Josh Webb, it doesn't seem to be much, but might be a situation similar to Meeves and Elmer. More to follow as blog develops.


Frederick is not canon. However Frederick and Isaac seem to have their own shenanigans going on, aside from the actual canon blogs such as Seymour and Elmer


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