Gary The Sloth
Gary's visage
Species Three-Toed Sloth
Business Banana Stealing (taken from rich and given to the poor)
Gary is a Three-Toed Sloth who "redistributes" bananas from the rich and gives them to the poor. He speaks in a slightly more refined version of Sandsverse Vernacular and in Corrupted Text. Gary is the adopted son of Aaron the Sheep and Oswald the Pangolin. Gary was born out of a singularity of cosmic energy, granting him the title of "NewBoy", as well as a slew of cosmic powers. Gary has an automaton servant named Gimble who fights in various battles in Gary's stead.

Appearance Edit

In all of his appearances, Gary appears as an adolescent Three-Toed Sloth. He appears to be somewhat damp or moist in his photograph.

Personality Edit

Gary is a typically good and morally just, but with a slight rebellious streak due to his young age. He frequently clashes with his father, Aaron, over the family business of selling toothbrushes. Gary is a pacifist, electing not to fight in various battles with his companions. however, his cosmic powers sometimes overtake his usually good mindset.


Gary was not born, rather created by a massive vacuum of cosmic power caused by the banishment of a dark god that collapsed into a singularity of pure energy. This reflux of power caused a "Holy Embryo" to be created, of which became Gary. Aaron the Sheep is regarded to be Gary's father, as it was Aaron who banished this dark god. The pangolin Oswald formally adopted Gary and then promptly took a leave of abscence, leaving Gary in Aaron's posession. Gary eventually broke from the family tradition of toothbrush sales, and ran way to Transylvania for six hundred years, where he created Gimble and took up the noble profession of redistributing bananas to the impoverished people of Transylvania.

Abilities Edit

Gary has an extremely powerful repertoire of abilities and magic powers, as well as a library of runes, sigils, and wards, all of which are unspecified in their origin and power.