Species Ocelot
Business Fortune Telling
Gemson is an Ocelot merchant that specializes in Fortune Telling, paid for by money or anything else of value. He puts spaces before any and all punctuation marks. Other than that, he speaks in relatively coherent classic Sands Vernacular.

Personality Edit

Gemson can be aggressive at times as he takes his fortune telling business very seriously. He will react by hissing and using many exclamation points if anyone upsets him by calling his predictions false or attempting to selling him things he deems "illegel" in exchange for his services.

History Edit

Gemson's father was a fortune teller as well, but was killed by a boar when Gemson was young. The gift of seeing the future was passed to him at the moment of his fathers death, and he decided to wander the sands and tell people of their future to make a profit.