Harold, posing for his fans
Species Okapi
Business Thievery
Harold is an Okapi who steals items from other vendors. He originally started to steal when he forgot his coin bag at home which led to a slippery slope. His favorite things to steal are small, coarse items, pocket change, persimmons, and stud earrings. Due to his mannerisms Harold has been blacklisted by various vendors-- how he still manages to get away with these tasks or what he does with the stolen items remains unknown. Some have said to see him turn into a black haze, while others say that he just has "sticky fingers." What he does with his stolen items is a hot topic among gossipers.

Appearance Edit

Harold is a relatively small Okapi with thick fur and a very long tongue. He is able to use his long tongue to purloin items.

Personality Edit

Harold is very snooty and full of himself. Often aloof and conceded, he will almost always make the situation about himself. Despite him being on a high horse, he does have a soft spot for his friends and pals and will come to their defense if needed. If someone insults his lush coat he will not hesitate to spit at them and target their business for his thievery.