Hobbes in their favorite "shell".
Species Purple Pincher Hermit Crab
Business Containers and House-Warming Gifts
Hobbes is a hermit crab that lives in a secluded cavern under a rather mossy rock. They sell various house-warming gifts as well as objects they deem as "containers", essentially anything that can hold something else. Hobbes will occasionally offer prophecies at a discount if one purchases at least one hundred items, but they never come true. They speak in a slight deviation of the Sands Vernacular, placing spaces between words and punctuation.

Appearance Edit

Hobbes sports a distinctive purple hue, and is easily identified by a missing leg they claim they traded for their prophetic abilities. Hobbes prefers unconventional items to use as "shells", and changes them constantly.

Personality Edit

Hobbes is a rather agreeable and excited individual, but will become agitated easily, especially when accused of making false predictions. If angry with someone, they will accuse the person of stealing their missing leg. They also appear to have a potent dislike of germs and diseases.