Boar of Snows
Species Boar
Business Snow

Horace is a boar that lives in the north.

He has an ongoing rivalry with the fruit salesmonkey, Elmer. This is due to the monkey's attitude towards Horace: such as insulting his girth, criticizing his maize harvest, and even going so far as to threaten to revoke the boar's fief.[1]

Horace is extremely powerful, being able to shape even the toughest earth with his mighty hooves. He protects the world from some of the most fearsome monsters imaginable, such as Baba Yaga[2], goblins, and the Wendigo.

Despite this tough and bristly exterior, however, Horace is a skilled poet. He writes of everything from climate diversity to his duties as a boar, all while managing to keep a constant iambic meter.

On February 15th, 2017, the Breach caused Horace's blog to initiate lockdown. He later came out of hiding to combat Zhdun directly, appearing to sacrifice himself in order to free Seymour and Elmer.

His favorite food is corn.

Origins Edit

Horace came out of a valley shaped by Seymour at the end of the Great Ages of Digging and Playing. He refers to himself as a warden, although this is not mentioned in his blog. [3]

Elmer Edit

Horace's relationship with Elmer is explicitly negative. The two have gone back and forth several times, and they view each other as rivals. Elmer has once asked Horace to climb into his oven[4], to which he originally agrees before seemingly realizing that Elmer planned to eat him.[5]

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