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Ida the jerboa
Species Lesser Egyptian Jerboa
Business Egyptian Minerals and Rocks

Ida is small and caring, yet likes to start fights. They type in classic sands vernacular but they pay attention to spelling. They talk in third person and refer to others by their name and not with pronouns. Ida is bilingual and speaks English and French fluently.

Ida died by setting themselves on fire.

Appearance Edit

Ida is an Egyptian Lesser Jerboa. To be expected, they are very small and feeble, smaller than the average of their kind. They use their long tail for balance when they're racing through the desert at 24 kilometres an hour. Their claws on their long hind legs are very sharp and could potentially harm an animal or two. They spend a lot of time sharpening their claws on flint they find.They have long hind legs and short stumpy arms. It is unknown how they carry large rocks and gems.



Personality Edit

Ida is very shy, yet very angry. They like picking fights and causing drama in the vendor community. They want to make friends and allies regardless of wanting to fight every animal they meet. They wish to sell minerals to make some coins or trade them to decorate their den. They like sea shells, twigs, and yarn.

Daily Life Edit

Ida lives in a large den near a mine in Egypt. They have many connections of non-vendor animals who are willing to export their treasure to animals all over the world. They leave early in the morning before the weather becomes too hot to find morning dew on the shrubs and for breakfast, which is usually compromised of bugs and plants. After eating to their fill, Ida leaves to the mines and picks up most to all of the gems that were left over. They then bring them to their storage room at the back of their den. Ida doesn't have many customers at the moment, but they are willing to give things for free as they have so many and making the room bigger is a hassle.