Species Human
Business Searching for rare weasels
Jinnifer is a human girl that searches the world for rare weasels. She often finds herself terrorized by unkind weasels which she usually scares away with her axe, the legendary weapon Yindlebranger.

Personality Edit

Jinnifer is very friendly towards people she considers to be "Pals" and any potential pals. She dislikes tyrants and bullies, often being somewhat overly confrontational towards them. She tags every post with either "Wonderous" or "Foulness," depending on the contents of the post itself.

She is an expert in the subject of arcane things, prone to believing in conspiracies, and believes in prophecy. She is a firm believer in the prophecy of "The Father" and believes it will come to pass very soon. She also believes that the government is conspiring against those who own weasels.

Abilities Edit

Jinnifer has limited psionic abilities, mostly consisting of the occasional vision or prophecy. Most of her power comes from the "Light Knapsack," a powerful object containing a nearly infinite amount of useful things.

Speech Edit

Jinnifer speaks a slightly modified form of Sands Vernacular, capitalizing the first letter of every word and occasionally doubling the first letter of words. She occasionally sprinkles Skarillmirillish words into her speech, primarily "Waesel." She oftentimes puts quotation marks around phrases for emphasis.