Joseph the Pudu Deer
Joseph the deer
Species Pudu Deer
Business Gallium, cubes, cubes of gallium, etc
Joseph DeerBoy is a Pudu Deer (usually just referred to as "small deer") who sells Gallium, which is element 31 on the periodic table. Joseph speaks in typical Sand Vernacular. Joseph possesses a "Phantom Cube" which he uses as his primary weapon of choice. Joseph has a notable dislike of grass, moss, and all other green cover plants.

Appearance Edit

Joseph appears as a young Pudu Deer with brown fur and white spots.

Personality Edit

Joseph's small, soft outward appearance conceal a vindictive and almost cruel personality. On many occasions he has resorted to petty threats of violence upon being insulted, and other times he resorts to outright use of force to prove his point. Joseph is also self-righteous and boastful, often displaying shows of force for no reason other than to gain attention.

History/Origins Edit

Presently, little is known of Joseph's backstory or origins, outside of the fact that his "Phantom Cube" weapon was passed down through the generations of his "DeerBoy Family".

Relationships Edit

With Roberta: Roberta and Joseph are enemies who frequently attack and insult one another. While Roberta is more physically powerful than Joseph, Joseph was able to scare her a great deal after using his Cube to obliterate an entire town.

With Oswald: Little is known of Oswald and Joseph's relationship, other than that they seem to be on good terms.