Bird Of Dice
Species Common Rosefinch
Business Dice, Ice Cream, Board Games

Kasdan is a Common Rosefinch hailing from Edelreich. He specializes in the crafting and selling of dice of every kind. There is no order too tall for Kasdan.

His preferred material to trade for is Osmium, but he will trade for anything he needs. He is not a creature of want.

Kasdan knows little of the world he has found himself in, and is eager to learn its history. He enjoys making friends.

Kasdan was quick to strike up a close friendship with Mungus, a towel-selling Hippo. He is also close allies with Barb, the bakery Snail. The three of them enjoy playing Monopoly together.

Kasdan's Sands Vernacular is unique in that there are no misspellings. He appears unable or unwilling to use pronouns in most circumstances. Kasdan refers to others by their name or species. When referring to other Avian Vendors, he often calls them "Fellow Bird" or "Fellow Avian."

One exception is when referencing Elmer, Horace, or Seymour. He will refer to them as "Fruit God," "Snow God," and "Sand God" respectively.