Katrina is the Arch Priestess of the Cathedral Of The Goddesses. She used to be queen before the vendors overthrew her.

Backstory Edit

Katrina began hiding as a fortune telling hyena living in her tent. After The Crunch Katrina began to lead the vendors as their queen. She married Leoniduss the Love Doctor and later revealed her true species. adventurehawk100 began to rebel against the monarchy after the introduction to the Goddesses for worship. Katrina realized she needed to create a place of worship for the Goddesses and founded The Cathedral. She later migrated to The Feline Homeland with Ava, Brenda, Ronan, Isabel, and Bernice and is currently staying there.

Relationships With Other Vendors Edit

Katrina knows many vendors and has special relationships with few but sees all as friends (except evil Ape)

Frederik and Katrina - good friends

Anthony and Katrina - friends

Samiran and Katrina - enemies

Irma - Katrina loves Saint Irma

Baron,Carol and Katrina - acquaintance

Cira and Katrina - good friends

Ida and Katrina - does not engage

Elmer and Katrina - Mortal Enemies

Seymour and Cousins - wary and guarded

Notable Events Edit

The Crunch

Helped mercahndisewolf100 bless hundreds of shrines with her tears

Cleansing cheeseoftherat100

Involved in Samiran Coyote Case

Species Lioness
Business Tending The Cathedral