Margaret checking her stock.
Species Magpie
Business Jewelry Dealer

Margaret is a magpie that sells assorted jewelry as well as gemstones. She has 5 children by the names of Sebastian, Alistair, Antoinette, Ophelia and Florence. She is also married, to a husband who has only been described as "out of town". She says all of her products are made herself, and are definitely not stolen.

Appearance Edit

Margaret is a black and white magpie with feathers that have a slight blue hue. She sometimes wears the jewelry she sells.

Personality Edit

Margaret speaks in Standard Sands Vernacular but phrases things in odd, mostly reverse ways. She is mostly polite and kind to those she meets but is offended by stereotypes.

History Edit

Margaret has recently moved into the entrepreneurship career to make a use for her love of gems and jewelry making and to feed herself, her husband, and her 5 children.