Morbitum is a frog that lives in "The Swamp" and sells "Salty Sea Sands". Strangely, he does observe the capitalization quirk of Sands Vernacular, however he frequently misspells things and uses "U" in place of "You".

Appearance Edit

Morbitum appears to take on the form of several frog species, changing between nearly every encounter. You will not know it is him until it's too late.

Personality Edit

Morbitum is a mostly passive individual, except for when he or things he believes in or cares for are threatened or insulted.

Morbitum believes strongly in responsibility and honor. He also has a great passion for all things mud.

Relationships Edit

Despite allegedly having created the universe together with Elmer, Morbitum seems to have a disdain for the Ape, claiming that his fruits are fraudulent. He is, however, close friends with Seymour and his family.

He owns a creature named S'carb and at least three gremlins, one of which is named Old Man.

Morbitum has shown that he greatly dislikes the Beastie Boys. For what reason is unknown.

He claims Kermit the Frog is his great uncle[1], and also his "great grand uncle"[2].

WarriorMale is his honorary son[3].

Events Edit

Morbitum resolved the Lent Incident by hitting Elmer in the head with a log.

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