Gloster Canary3
Niles flapping his air hinges
Species Gloster Canary
Business Used toothpicks
Blog Nil

Niles is a Gloster Canary who peddles used toothpicks. He speaks fluent Sands Vernacular and Nit-speak. His accent changes from time to time. His motto is "A used toothpick still picks!"

Life from DeathEdit

Niles was born when a frangipangi flower wilted. No one knows when and how, but this did happen. He had a wife named Amos, but she left him for someone else who had better hair than he did.

This left Niles completely and utterly heartbroken, but he rarely shows it.


Niles is smaller than your average canary. Although what he lacks in size, he makes up for in enthusiasm. He also has a bowl-cut hairstyle which he is very proud of. Please do not mock him for it. Honestly, you will regret it if you do. He sharpens his beak with a whetstone in his free time.


Niles is very approachable and has a off-kilter sense of humour. He is rumoured to be the mysterious fifth member of The Beatles, although he claims that he hasn't the slightest idea of who they are. He enjoys having philosophical conversations with his customers and gives discounts to those who frequently purchase his goods. However, beneath all his cheerfulness, lies a profound sense of anxiety. The root cause of his worries can be traced back to the premature balding that runs in his family, and the fact that Niles will one day lose his fabulous hair. While he knows that this is a very vain thing to get stressed about, Niles can't help himself. It is in his nature to look fabulous.

He recently been spotted hanging around Blubbers Baleen, but not much is known about their relationship.