Stomper of Beans
Species African Elephant
Business Coffee

Oliver is an elephant who sells coffee beans, which he grinds with his massive feet.

Appearance Edit

Oliver has the appearance of a large, brown African elephant with very large tusks.

Personality Edit

Oliver is slow to anger, but to anger him is a mistake indeed. He loses his temper when slandered or mocked, and has even threatened to Gunch others over these offenses. The worst thing he has been accused of is being an agent of the tratorious John Cancalosi, or even being Cancalosi himself. Oliver vehemently denies any connection between him and Cancalosi, even though several other vendors believe they are linked somehow. Oliver also has a low tolerance for mischief, and will often harshly rebuke the other vendors for their antics.

History Edit

Oliver has been in the business of selling coffee beans for a very long time. His shop is nearly as old as mankind itself, although he has taken two long hiatuses since then. In the first of these hiatuses, he dug into the earth's crust from which he was born and took a very long nap (which lasted 24600 years).

After his awakening in 400 B.C., Oliver reopened his shop, but had to take another hiatus after becoming embroiled in the Punic Wars. He became acquainted with General Hannibal of Carthage, and later became the general's personal war elephant during their crossing of the Alps, of which Oliver was the only surviving elephant.

Soon after the war's end, Oliver escaped his dark past and reopened his shop for the third and final time. Although he accidental entered an inter-dimensional void soon after, he was determined to keep his business open and continued to sell his wares in the void.

After returning from the Void, Oliver started a family. He has a wife (Sarah) and a daughter (Joanne).

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