Reginald (hog)
Species Ghost Hog
Business Grass

A grass-selling hog who is currently incorporeal. After his mother, the dragon, threatened Oswald the moose, Oswald traded his soul to Melman to gain the ability to kill the dragon. While this was unsuccessful, Reginald was killed in the battle. Reginald uses his ghost powers to traverse time and space, furthering his ability to sell grass. He haunts the Hog Field that he inherited from his father eight years ago.

Appearance Edit

Reginald is a large black hog that is intangible. He has the ability to change his appearance slightly, but only temporarily. His hind legs were lost and turned into a spectral wisp after he died. He has a bullet hole between his eyes.

Abilities Edit

As a ghost, Reginald can travel through time and space without any physical affect. His time travel ability is limited so that he can only travel into the past, but he must travel into the future at a regular pace. He cannot make physical contact with corporeal objects. He can communicate with the living only for purposes of trade.