Riley walking on the dirt
Species European Polecat
Business Spices
A Ferret that specializes in the sale of various types of spices.

History Edit

Riley's history is known, but finer details are avoided, much through sparse posts which hint at pieces of his history, such as the creation of himself, and where he spent his early days. Much of his story was revealed however with the reveal of a hidden post called "Epic Of The Boy". It's events are as such:

A group of people (inferred to be powerful psychics in other posts, likely Sumerian, due to Riley's fixation on the culture) receive a prophesy of the end times and as such combine their souls in order to survive the apocalypse, they do not, and fall to "Ashen Waste", out of which Riley emerged (or possibly gained power from their fall and awoke).

Before the beginning of the sands, Riley was created of Lapis Lazuli, Bronze, and a mixture of spices and placed upon a sacred slab of stone by the Sumerian God Anu with several other ferrets, where it is said they played until time began. Once time began, Riley emerged at the time of the "Frog" (likely Justlittlefrogthings), at which point he made his way to an Oasis. The Oasis is said to be a hub of trade, where Riley learned of the sale of spice, counter to the wishes of his family.

Riley Soon set out from the Oasis to follow his dreams, where he met a bear by the name of Johnny (Called "Perfidious Johnny" in the modern day) who Riley soon became very close friends and business partners with. But according to the epic, this was not to last, as the discovery of a back of "Sacred Pepper Seeds" (Peppercorns) Drove the two apart in a battle which ended with Johnny stealing the peppercorns to use for nefarious purposes and Riley leaving the temple in which they were found in search for a greater spice to defeat Johnny with. As the poem states, if Johnny figures out how to properly use the pepper, it will cause the universe to grow chaotic.