Sybil is a cougar vendor who sells and brews potions of various use to her fellow denizens of the Sandsverse.

Species Cougar
Business Potion Brewing

Appearance Edit

Sybil is an average sized cougar who sports reddish brown and tan fur and brownish orange eyes. Her whiskers are a bit long to help her detect potential potion ingredients. She's really not all that different from any other cat of the Sandsverse.

Personality Edit

Sybil is a headstrong but kind vendor. She sometimes may haggle over prices, but is generally accepting. She has no known rivalries and is known only to get angry or upset when it comes to her wares, i.e. them being stolen or not purchased.

Trivia Edit

  • She speaks in Standard Sands Vernacular with a few random semicolons or commas thrown in.
  • She lives near the border of the forest to be close to business in the sands and still be able to gather potion components.
  • She was formerly known as Saffron until she became 'of age' in what she referred to as 'cat tradition' and ventured to the 9th Stellar Stratus Echelon to visit relatives so she would learn her name.
  • She has educated herself in Runes, but is still strictly an amateur. She uses the magickal knowledge gained to aid her in the production of her brews.