• Use this guide to help you create an informative and good-looking page for your merchant.

    Step 1: Create and title your article

    Click the Contribute drop-down menu in the top left corner of the site and select Add a Page. The title of your article should simply be the name of your merchant.

    Step 2: Make an infobox

    An infobox should be inserted into the page before anything is written. If you already wrote text, be sure to insert the infobox at the beginning of the article. To create an infobox, select Insert > Template, click Infobox, and fill in the template given (To add a picture, upload the image to the wiki's Gallery, and then fill in the name of the file into 'image').

    Step 3: Write the article

    You can include your merchant's appearance, personality or abilities, and a little bit of history on the character. Here is an example .

    Note: While this wiki doesn't have a style guide, there are a few preferred standards. Most sentences should start with pronouns or a name, so that the reading flows between sentences (ex. "George is an ox who sells hair. Has two brothers." should be "George is an ox who sells hair. He has two brothers."). All mentioned characters or terms that have a page should be linked to (You can use double brackets for that). A little humor is allowed, but should not obstruct any important information in the article.

    Step 4: Add to categories

    Your merchant should belong to the categories Non-Canon and Merchant (Note: If you skipped most of Step 2 and wrote only a few sentences, your page should be in the category Incomplete). To add your page to categories, click the drop-down menu next to Cancel and Save Page, select Categories, and then fill in the categories you wish your page to be in.

    Congratulations! You have officially documented your merchant into the Sandsverse Wikia.

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