Species Grizzly Bear
Business Yarn

A grizzly bear who sells yarn. She claims to have the most luxuriest yarn on the market.

Appearance Edit

Ursula has medium brown hair and very large teeth, which she often shows off. She also has long claws she uses to occasionally crochet her stocks of yarn. If you are close enough to see the colour of her eyes it is too late.

Personality Edit

Ursula is a competitive bear who, who has been in the vendor industry for many years. She is stubborn but kind, wanting the entire world to know of her luxury yarn. She is sensitive to criticism, and will become enraged if people deny the quality of her yarn. She was born under the sign of Aries

History Edit

Not much is known of Ursula's younger years and childhood. She is said to have begun trade in the yarn business by weaving her own fallen-out fur into strings of yarn. This may be why she believes she has the most luxuriest yarn, as her original yarn was made from her own fur. Rumours have circulated that she has consumed her yarn competitiors in the past. No one is certain of this, since no other known yarn vendor has risen since her.