Species Crow
Business Shiny Objects

Vera is a black female crow who sells and trades "shines" from her personal collection. She runs her store with the help of her youngest son, Jeb. Both Vera and her sons speak in Sands Vernacular.

Appearance Edit

Vera has smooth black feathers and black eyes. She takes very good care of her feathers and prides herself on being a very clean crow.

Personality Edit

Vera is a very kind bird who puts others before herself. She is known for acts of charity and will give away wares if the situation calls for it. She also will give her friends special deals. She is very proud of her friends and of her son.

Though she is a self-proclaimed philanthropist and wants nothing but peace and friendship, Vera will take place in conflict if need be, and although she claims to dislike taking sides, she'll usually align herself with whoever is nicest to her and her sons.

Family Edit

Vera has four sons: Maxwell, (the oldest,) then Albert, Benson, and Jeb. The three oldest work as delivery boys while Jeb, who for some reason cannot fly, works with her in the shop. What he does specifically, no one knows, but Vera has stated that he will take over the shop one day. She loves her sons dearly and describes them all as "Good Boys," often taking the opportunity to boast about them. As of now it is unknown who the father of her children is, nor what happened to him, though she has alluded to being married in the past. She refused to answer further questions and, when encouraged, promised to bury her past deep in the ground.