Species Eel
Business Runes

Hegemon Of The Runes Edit

An Eel who creates, sells and distributes runes to any who ask. He resides in his coastal cave in the country of Kosovo (despite Kosovo having no actual ocean borders).

One of the more outwardly powerful vendors, Waluigi has the ability to project his image, which can interact with the physical world, throughout the sandsverse, this is most prominently displayed in a conflict he had with Fredrick in which a debate about Matthew Grey Gubler turned violent. It is shown that this image or 'spectral form' can phase from tangible to intangible at will, as demonstrated when Frederik attempted to shoot him. He also possesses extremely strong phantom limbs capable of tearing a human in half. The extent of his powers are unknown. Furthermore he is shown to be able of altering his size, as a vision Waluigi showed of a 'possible future' depicts him easily fitting Frederik's entire body in his mouth.

Waluigi appears to have access to a large arsenal of highly destructive weapons, including but not limited to: A Challenger-II tank, a Schwerer Gustav gun, a BAE Systems Taranis drone, a nuclear submarine, a SAM turret, a Goalkeeper CIWS, at least one nuclear warhead and a Tsar Bomba 50 megaton thermonuclear bomb. It is not known how he aquired these weapons. He is also now shown to have acquired 'Accelerated Photon Weaponry' and is shown to own a collection of 'Black Spears' which appear to be a lethal bladed weapon of magical properties that have no limit in their ability to kill.

He appears to hold a grudge against Seymour for taking his place as the most worshipped deity in the Sandsverse, however he bears no ill will towards Elmer. Waluigi's true species is unknown, as he has appeared as a variety of different eel.

History Edit

Waluigi claims to be one of 'the old gods' presumably this means he is very ancient. Apparently he was worshipped in a time before Seymour. We know that in 71,325,789 BC, Waluigi buried 'Riq IV' under Mount Vesuvius for unknown reasons. He is friends with a lionfish named Corbulo, who he claims to have known for the last four thousand years.

The Fall Edit

Waluigi has made reference to a past event known as 'the fall'. All that is known is that it occured at some point in the last four thousand years as he knew Corbulo before it transpired. Nothing else is known about the fall.